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10 Most Annoying Habits of Women

10 Pics

1. The ability to make every topic in the world relate to herself

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the war in Iraq or Osama Bin Laden’s capture, women have the uncanny ability to shift the topic on themselves within no time.

2. Cutting in Line

I don’t mean to sound gender biased, but seriously have you ever seen a man push and cut in line. Rarely! women just think it is their birth right to just get in before someone and not to forget the excuses they make for doing such things. When it comes to fights women are as brutal as men.

3. How they never follow the sisterhood principles

When the bro code mentions” bro’s before hoes ” men stick to this principle. when it comes to women the moment they see a cute guy it does not matter if her best friend in the whole wide world , the one she would die without, is in love with him. She will still try to get him ! when it comes to love women are shameless! A friend’s ex who cares! A friends brother “fair game”! Women really follow the quote all is fair in love and war. No wonder the black widow is a female!

4. Falling in Love Stupid

Go to any part of the world you will find a lovelorn woman. It does not matter how beautiful,talented,smart or established a woman is. She will always fall in love with the biggest idiot available. And the sad part is women just don’t learn form their own mistakes in love or the mistakes of others. Women keep on falling for Mr wrong again and again and again.

5. Competition

Whether or not women agree they will always have jealousy and competitiveness in their nature. Women seldom dress to impress men, if you men really think go all out for you then you really are fools, women dress to impress other women. In any party, any occasion women will always look at other women judge them and compare them to themselves.

6. Being late or everything

There is a thing called being fashionably late and then there is just being plain late. women just cannot seem to keep the track of time.

7. Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear

Have you ever seen a male actor being held in court by the fashion police for wearing the same out fit twice, but if a woman wears the same outfit again celebrity or not she is getting a beating from the fashion squad.

8. Mean girls

A girl can be another girl’s best friend and worst enemy in a span of 10 seconds. Women are other women’s worst enemies. girls have superior social intelligence which is much more difficult to detect and easier to deny. Bitching is solely a female entity.

9. Smiling and getting their way

Guys no matter how good looking they are never giggle smile and flirt to get what they want. girls have an undue advantage of flipping their hair smiling and getting away with even murder. Girls this is not cool ! Just makes you look more shallow!.

10. Crying at everything

Movies, birthdays, happy moments, sad moments even while on the toilet seat for goodness sake! girls have the ability to display the waterworks at the drop of a hat. if you don’t listen to them while they make you feel like squirmy worms then you will get screamed at for the rest of eternity.

Author – Anam Ameen