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6 Dangerous Places for Swimming and Bathing

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Queensland, Australia

In Queensland waters you can find the whole army of dangerous and poisonous marine animals. Octopus, poisonous shells, cubic jellyfish, scorpion fish ... are just some of them. Of all these, the most dangerous one is the jellyfish - about 100-200 people die each year from jellyfish burns. World’s most dangerous jellyfish live in these waters. Some of them can reach a length up to a few feet and many beaches in the summer are closed because of them. Do not swim if you see warning that jellyfish are close and try to have special clothes which can prevent the jellyfish burns. Or simply - do not go swimming.

Plaza Bolinas, California

Bolinas beach is a paradise for surfers, but also it is a part of the infamous "Red Triangle". This place is one of the main feeding grounds of great white sharks. These well-known marine predators can be seen from the beach and when they hunt seals at sea. The chance of being attacked by a shark is very small, but they can dramatically increase if you decide to swim at the beach Bolinas. Prevention is not to swim at dusk, dawn or at night. Never swim alone and do not enter the water if you have bleeding wound.

Amazon Basin

Apart from piranhas, caimans and electric eels, one of the main reasons why you should not swim in the Amazon is called "toothpick pish". This small freshwater catfish has a nasty habit of being drawn into the male sex organ, or any body cavity. Prevention is not to swim with an bleeding wound and to carry extra underwear below your swim suit.

Gulf of Mexico, USA

Apart from the catastrophic oil spills, Gulf of Mexico is also home to some very unpleasant creatures. One of the deadliest snakes on the continent lives in these waters. Let it bite you - and you'll be dead in less than two hours. Prevention is not to swim beneath the branches of trees. Your move may force the snake to fall on you.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

The most dangerous place is not the 328 feet waterfall itself. "Devil's Swimming Pool" is the perfect place for suicide swimmers because this natural pool lies on the edge of the waterfall, and a little piece of rock divides the swimmers from falling down the waterfall and certain death.

Kao Sok National Park, Thailand

Before you decide to go camping in this national park, ask someone for advice! The area is full of dangerous animals, much more than naive tourists can imagine. The enormous size millipedes, sharks, dangerous leeches, giant mosquitoes and poisonous caterpillars are living at this place. Leech bite is largely unavoidable, and for the prevention it is advised that you smoke a cigarette? Although smoking is extremely dangerous and harmful, in this national park that it can serve as a shield from the leeches who hate it. If a leech gets you, wet the tobacco and rub the leech with it and it should back down. Whatever you do, avoid removing it by force because you will irritate it and it will release its poison.