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9 Modern Myths of our Body

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We still use stories and believe in completely wrong urban legends about everyday things. At the time of our grandmothers, and maybe they were the only true, but now they are disproved and explained once and for all.

1. A tongue has tasting zones

The culprit is a bad translation of scientific work of a German, D. P. Hanig from 1901, which tried to explain the areas of language and that they attributed to four basic tastes. Translation was done by a psychologist at Harward University – Edwin G. Boring. The truth is that anyone can feel any taste at any point in the language, but that there are individual differences. As a commentary in this theory is that this scientific work can be used as before toilet paper and not as a work that supports a true theory of the existence of zones on the tongue.

2. Direction of the water in the sink depends on the hemisphere

Due to Coriolis’ effect it seems to us that objects, water or something completely different goes distorted, and in fact it is all moving in a straight line. The culprit is the Earth and its path of rotation. Hurricane can be wide and up to 700km and can last for days, while the path of water in the toilet or sink very small, so this effect or better say impact of the Coriolis’ effect on water in the gutter below. The impact can be described as follows: Coriolis effect on water in the gutter is the same as the butterfly effect of a tornado.

3. We use only 10 percent of the brain

This misconception originates mainly from Einstein. In fact, there is no part of the brain that has no function. Even when we sleep, every part of the brain, tested by different techniques, shows that it is active, if we consider that a person hasn’t suffered some damages. This is confirmed by the theory that if we use only 10 percent, then how can we be damaged in our functions if some “inactive” part of the brain is damaged.

4. The Sun is yellow

The sun is white, actually. The reason for the yellow color you see is an atmosphere that sunlight passes through. That’s why the sky is black by night and blue by day. The atmosphere scatters the light in the blue to purple color so we, finally, see it as yellow. The same reasons for the yellow sky when the sun goes down and the red color in some parts of the day.

5. Sushi is a live fish

It is not. Sashimi are thin sheets of live fish, often served with sushi, but sushi is not a live fish. Sushi is a dish that is served with rice, vegetables, marine plants and fruits, and none of it has to be alive. In the West, even served dried completely with heat-treated crabs or smoked salmon.

6. Shaving affect the volume and density of a hair

Researches conducted since 1920 show that shaving has nothing to do with the strength, density and color of the hair. What determines all the characteristics of the hair are follicles that are located just below the skin and we can not touch them when shaving. Only for dead part of hair comes out and it truncates.

7. Ostrich is hiding his head in the sand

No, ostrich never hid his head in the sand. Since he may be the fastest animal on land and has perfect hearing and sight, he can escape from any animal and there is no need to behave so foolishly. In fact, when he feels the danger, the ostrich will lower the front of the body very close to the ground in order to better observe and listen the enemy and thus decide on whether he poses a danger. From afar it appears that his head is in the ‘sand’, but not really, just leaning all the way down to the ground.

8. Red liquid in the meat is blood

Almost no blood in the purchased meat, except beef steaks and similar, but these are very small amounts. When you buy a chicken, never see the blood because it went away during killing. All meat, especially beef, contain plenty of water and that water in combination with the protein myoglobin produces a reddish color of fluid from the meat.

9. Muscles turn into fat when you stop exercising

This is impossible because the fat and muscle cells are composed of very different cells. When you exercise, you do not produce more cells (hyperplasia), but only increase the existing (hypertrophy). When you give up the practice, they just relax. Maintaining muscle mass requires very little energy, 13 calories per kilogram per day. Those who exercise regularly make thier body used to more food intake so that the muscles can maintain or even evolve, and when they suddenly stop, so does the need for food to mantain muscle. So, people stop exercising and developing muscles, but all entries from the food turns to fat because they are not active, and certainly not true that the cells of muscles magically convert to fat.