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Abuse of elephants in training process

22 Pics

Some circuses come to be well received by the number of animals that make the show. Viewers are happy, smiling children enjoy ... all the tricks that make the animals.

But few people know that the methods used by "trainers" to teach those tricks to the poor animals. This time will see some pretty deplorable images of the training process of young elephants.

I always thought that each species has its proper place in the world to live ... but the man insists on damage that balance, not only placing animals in unsuitable places, but also horribly toturándolos only to amuse others. In the photos you will see that the elephants are tied tightly and pinched with sharp irons, in order to force them into the desired position, and perform silly tricks to entertain people. Worst of all is that also carry electric shocks training routines!