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Angry kitty who took on an alligator

Tourists on a Cajun Pride Swamp Tour, looked on stunned as the moggy took offence to an alligator trying to eat some chicken.

It begins with the cat firing off three right jabs before the gator steps back to flash its most menacing stare down ever.

After the tense face off, the gator moves forward, grabs a piece a chicken and wham! gets a right hook straight in the mouth.

As the 'living fossil' twists its head and picks up more meat, the cat unleashes three left hooks in quick succession.

The American alligator can weigh up to 800lbs and grow to 13 feet, but our fluffy fighter didn't care for facts and figures - it simply didn't like the ugly beast.

Sitting bolt upright, its ears went back and it started hissing.

The gator tried coming at the chicken from a different direction, the cat threw an overhand right, the dazed gator sheepishly retreated into the water and ding! ding! ding! the fight was over.

The cat may be the bravest or most stupid you've ever seen and a cynic may argue that the gator has been trained not to attack. But who's ever heard of a trained alligator?