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Bread Become Lamp

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It all started back in 2006 when Yukiko Morita got a part-time job working in a small bakery in Kyoto. She fell in love with the specialty breads and rolls she worked with. But it wasn't the taste she fell in love with, it was actually the way they looked.

“I love bread. Bread is cute,” she says. “I want to display it in my room and stare at it.”

But we all know that bread eventually molds. It can't stay beautiful forever. Unless, of course, you find a way to bake it with a special "hard flour" and then coat the finished product with resin.

After several years of experimenting, Morita was able to invent a recipe to bake bread that doesn't decompose and can handle the LED lights inside.

The resulting solution is called a Pampshade. The name is made up of two words- "panem", the latin word for bread and "shade" from the word "lampshade". So the name literally means bread lamp and they sure do give a nice, toasty light!