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Cars Accidents

The video you see below is really horrible. Two mothers walked quietly down the sidewalk, walking their babies in their strollers. The walk was done with total normality until a car came at full speed, probably driven by a crazy drunk, and passed over, totally invading the sidewalk where they walked!. The car rammed wooden the brutal, the poor mothers and their babies were shot in a shocking and chilling.

This video shows a horrible accident that happened in Russia. Two girls walking along the sidewalk when a car came at full speed and invested, throwing them into the wall of a building.

They say the driver following the crash, was more concerned by the damage of your vehicle than the victims, one of whom died in hospital and another sustained serious damage that will affect lifetime.

I understand that the girl driving the car was not a stranger, but the daughter of the president of the regional electoral commission. Curiously, the court took the case concluded that the driver was innocent!, And that was only a witness in the car and that, supposedly, was in the driver's seat.

I stress that the video you will see next is the most chilling

The video is a Vietnamese policeman who was hit by a car wildly, leaving it broken in two ... literally. The man is in total shock, unable to scream, but curiously moving trying to cover her body peeling, looking horrified at himself.

What is striking is the attitude of people who hardly surprising, and what you see, does nothing to help. Is it because they already have it dead? If the video is authentic or not, as you say; I notice that the video is quite strong and not suitable for all audiences. Please use caution.

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