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Concept Cell Phones

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It is the need of today’s modern world to have highly portable, yet functional gadgets. Gadgets are now part of our attire and hence, they add glare to the entire dress up. Cell phones in form of bracelets add to your style and may make you look someone from the future. These cellphones, with crystals and some truly high tech features, promise looks and functionality. Here are the best bracelet cellphones designs that you would love to have a look on:

B-Mobile Cellphone Concept

Designed by Tao Ma, the B-Mobile cellphone concept is made out of three metallic nodes and works like one handed handcuff. It has physical keys like a phone for which you need to practice a bit. The keys look like diamonds and add a glare to the bracelet. It has a built in memory along with an mp3 player. The bracelet vibrates when you get a call. You just need to press a button to pick the call, and the bracelet opens up.

STM speak to me cell phone

Conceived by Nicolas Nicolaou, the concept cellphone doubles as a digital wrist watch. This phone has a scroll feature which lets you navigate through the interface. The inbuilt camera lets you click photos and share them at the same time. The phone has a touchscreen for navigation and it also recognizes voice commands. The power status of phone can be changed by checking the Red or Green line on the phone.

LG Auki Bracelet Phone

Gwen Frederic has designed this phone, strictly for women. The phone is flexible and can be worn around your wrist. It has a touchscreen along with solar panel. The phone is charged with solar energy and is eco friendly. All the data is saved on cloud servers which results in no internal memory. This phone is also capable of giving voice commands while exercising. It has a great reminder notification method.

Philips Fluid

Philips Fluid is designed by Brazilian designer, Dinard da Mata. The phone can be rolled to form a wrist band. When opened, it becomes a gaming console with multiplayer gaming. The OLED screen makes it very attractive.

Bracelet Mobile Phone Concept

At the first look, this would look like a bracelet; however, when you come closer, you would see a beautiful timepiece that also acts as a phone. When you receive a call, it vibrates and the face can be taken out. This dismantled face is a wireless headset. Under the face, there is secondary touch enabled display.

Dial concept phone

The idea of cellphone bracelet is not new and there is still scope of exploitation. Dial concept phone has a mechanism of displaying beams of light on the wrist. If you place the phone on a plane surface, it would project numbers through ten holes. This gives you access to dial numbers and see settings. This amazing piece of gadget is designed by Jung Dae Hoon.

Leaf Phone

This phone is inspired by photosynthesis and hence, it is named as Leaf. On the front panel, it has solar cells for charging the battery. The phone can be charged with a special dock too, so that you can charge your phone on a dark day too. It does not have a display and serves basic purposes of a phone like calling and messaging services. This phone ensures that energy is efficiently used.