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Discovered The Secret Of Easter Island

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Scientific debates that for decades led the fate of the Easter Islands, misterioynih statues and their populations could point to reach fever pitch after the announcement of the publication of a book challenging the previous conclusion that the former company committed ecological suicide.

In the heart of the debate there are hundreds of stone totem called moai, which are strung out along the coast of the island known as Rapa Nui, and that scientists believe could be constructed by the natives.

Statues were first discovered 1722nd , and the scientific community believes that the former population was underdeveloped and underfed that they themselves could not build them and move to the coast.

The former theory is only taking into account the thesis according to which the statue was built by advanced civilizations, which consisted of over 15,000 people who were able to make them and bring to shore. Scientists also believe that the advanced civilization had a highly developed industry, dedicated to the making of ropes, beams and all other necessities that were needed to feed the population and the construction and transmission of these statues.

When the last tree is cut down on the island, researchers believe that this is likely to prejudice the environmental atmosphere on the island, stopped the production of food and started a civil war over remaining resources. This eventually resulted in the occurrence of cannibalism and destruction of the entire population on the island.

However, archaeologists Carl Lipo of the University of California, and Terry Hunt of the University of Hawaii, suspect that this advanced society existed at all.

The original culture of the island completely disappeared after the arrival of European explorers who brought about major diseases such as dysentery and leprosy. Disease and slavery in the then completely decimated the population which numbered about 3,000 men to only 111 people that inhabited the island 1877th year.

They believe in his book that Polynesians arrived on the islands much earlier than previously thought and that immediately upon his arrival to begin making inroads and burn forests in order to create conditions for themselves agriculture. Dr Lipo believes that the disappearance of forests did life on the island is nothing worse. Rapa Nui was not represented by a tropical paradise, as the land on this volcanic island was already very poor quality, so that the burning of the country actually helped to improve its fertility.

Scientists believe they have just met Native Polynesian and European explorers were indeed able to build their own mysterious totems that were so designed that it was possible to move the swing.

On the other hand, scholars who defend the existing theory believe that the conclusions in the book, the result of arbitrary interpretations of known facts and does not take into account previous findings.