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Fastest Supercomputer on Earth


Fastest Supercomputer On Earth 1,000 Trillion Calculations Per Second!

It seems that business and technology is starting to boom once again in China. Do you have any idea why? This is because of their latest invention – the new Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputer.

The best thing about this new supercomputer is that it was built using China’s own microprocessor chips. The Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputer was unveiled at the China’s National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, China just recently. This new invention has surprised a lot of people especially those high performance US specialists out there because China has always been thought to be three generations behind as compared with other countries when it comes to technology. So what can we expect from this new supercomputer.

Well, obviously this computer will not be called a supercomputer for nothing. Check out its specs and you will see how powerful this supercomputer is.

•equipped with 8,704 “Shenwei 1600″ microprocessors

•capable of a theoretical peek speed of 1.07 petaflops

•capable of delivering a sustained performance of 0.70 petaflops

Apparently, this supercomputer has the ability to perform about 1,000 trillion calculations per second. So imagine how fast this supercomputer could be. In fact, Sunway’s peak performance is 74 percent as fast the Jaguar supercomputer, a US computer located at the Department of Energy Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The development of the Sunway BlueLight MPP will definitely change the reputation of China especially when it comes to computers and technology. If you still remember, last fall, China has also launched a supercomputer called Tianhe-1A. However, the only difference is that this US supercomputer made use of processor chips that are made by US companies.

Apparently, the Shenwei processor that was used in the Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputer is based on some design principles that are being used by Intel microprocessors. However, there are some disagreements when it comes to the computer’s cooling technology. As seen in the photos of this new supercomputer, you will see an advanced water cooling system and apparently, questions about the appropriateness of this cooling system have been raised by some experts. Whether this cooling system is appropriate or not, China has definitely made a significant step that might bring them to new heights.