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Island of the Dead Dolls

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The history of this small island, located near Mexico City, began in the middle of the last century. Once he was unremarkable, was one of many. Only occasionally it looked fishermen. But one day the disaster struck. Three little girls away from home decided to take a dip on a hot day, one was destined to drown.

Years later, on this island lived a hermit Don Julián Santana. He had a difficult life, because in his neighborhood lived the spirit of drowned girl. One day, when Don Julian fished, clung to the shore old doll. To appease his neighbor, he placed the doll on the tree, so that she could play with her. But, apparently, the soul of the innocent victims of the channel continued to roam the shores and Don began to wander through the bins in search of dolls that have already served their time and were thrown out of the houses of the living. He also continued to fish out of the water and occasionally drifting plastic bodies. Santana brought to him any doll, be still quite new or completely crippled, even from some parts of the dolls refused.

In 2001, the year Santana has died at the age of 80 years. For almost 50 years, gathering on the island found their refuge thousands of abandoned dolls. Dolls with no eyes, no limbs, just torn hands, feet and head, covering all the trees on the island. Burnt-out and began to break down in the sun looks like a heavy plastic leprosy, attacked the infant. Crumble the lips of dolls show visitors their fangs. Greatly exacerbates the picture of the web, decaying of the empty eye sockets.