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Laptop Kitchen

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Laptop Kitchen: Portable Notebook Computer Cooks Food!.

Desktop (or would that be counter-top?) kitchens are so 2000s. Drawing design inspiration from that most familiar of everyday portable devices, this conceptual kitchen-to-go contains a four-tier induction cooking element, built-in cutting board, ingredient grater and, of course, a touchscreen interface and wireless connectivity.

A few button touches bring up favorite recipes or new cooking ideas and nutritional information on ingredients or menus. Bluetooth, wifi and camera included, of course (what device doesn’t come with those these days?).

It may yet be a bit of a daydream, though, to suppose that such a thing would really work – there are issues such as safety (including separation of the heating element), power requirements and, maybe most of all, cleaning that need to be contended with before this work by Dragan Trenchevski could become a reality. And, alas, food means weight and space, as do pots and pans, so the portability needs some additional thought as well.