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Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial

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Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial Review, Price and Features

Tired of plain-old iPhone camera shots? Well, you might want to take a peek of this newly released ‘Photojojo’ iPhone Lens Dial. For $249.99, you’ll get a complete set of three-lens optical system that can easily be slipped on your iPhone. Alright, it’s quite expensive (we know), but you might want to check what it can offer, first, and perhaps change your mind.

The Photojojo works like Phoropter in a sense that it can be rotated to fit your style of sight. It gives out three kinds of viewing effects. The first one gives you a wide-angle perspective while the other two let you view your surroundings in Telephoto and FishEye. This 3-in-1 lens set can be used those who owns either an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It is very portable and weighs around 10 ounces.

you decide to get one, you’ll get the Photojojo 3-in-1 Optical-quality coated glass lens set along wit it sexy and stylish aircraft-grade aluminum case. But that’s not all! The folks who created this iPhone Lens Dial also made sure that you will be able to mount your device onto your handy dandy tripod. That’s why they placed not one but two tripod sockets – one for portrait and another one for landscape mode.

This new iPhone Lens Dial can be pretty fun! But you’ll never know until you try one yourself. It’s currently available online.