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Power Lifter Freak Accident

Igor Golushkin was crushed in a horrific, then attempting to lift 180 kg in weight. The tragedy occurred in front of dozens of spectators, in a weightlifting competition.

In the video we see two guys next door, in order to safeguard the execution, but the accident happened in a split second, that none of them was able to react in time. As a result, the bar with the 180 kg weight fell on the chest of the athlete. It is clear how the bar crushes (literally) poor man's humanity, who died shortly after suffering fatal injuries in the heart, ribs and abdominal cavity.

Worst of all is that at that time there was no doctor on site. It was further reported that Igor Golushkin was not a professional weightlifter and this was the first time I entered a competition ... and unfortunately, was also the last