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Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker Bluetooth

8 Pics... Enjoy!

TIf you're a Star Wars fan, music simply sounds better when channeled through a Death Star speaker.

Sure, there are already some pretty fancy speakers out there that employ the design of the Empire's most potent weapon and take advantage of Bluetooth technology. DIY audiophiles can even print out their own Death Star speakers. But none of these speakers spins and levitates like the one made by Hellosy.

A 1,000 mAh battery ensures your Death Star speaker plays music for up to eight hours. The speaker glows in the dark, which helps set the mood if you're playing "Across the Stars," the romantic "Star Wars" theme song by John Williams.

The floating Death Star speaker is currently unavailable on Amazon, but it seems to be for sale at Fancy for a $400 (about £282, AU$523). It's a bit cheaper on eBay for those looking to find a Death Star deal.

Hellosy's speaker comes with a charger, charging cradle and USB cable. Miniature rebels and Ewoks not included.