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Too Fanaticism Expressed in Tattoos

10 Pics... Enjoy!

1 The man who holds the record for most tattoos from the same series for his Simpson's back piece

2 The man who has 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovitch

3 The Star Wars fan who has 14 tattoos of the film's iconic characters

4 The woman who has the entire Snow White cast of characters tattooed on her back

5 The hardcore Miley Cyrus fan who has 29 tattoos of singer

6 The man who spent $3,500 on a Breaking Bad tattoo

7 The woman who got a Twilight back piece to celebrate her 70 pound weight loss

8 The man who got a massive Taxi Driver tattoo

9 The Only Fools and Horses superfan who spent 50 hours getting a tribute tattoo

10 The tattoo artist who is tattooing the 151 original Pokémon onto her customers