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Viganella with own Artificial Sun

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In the far northwest corner of Italy, in a quiet valley dominated by steep hills, is the tiny hamlet of Viganella. Its centuries old and mostly uninhabited. In the next fifteen years, the population of Viganella will dwindle from 100 to fewer than 30. For the inhabitants of this village, the empty stone houses point to a very real fear their town is dying and it may soon be a village of ruins.

The mayor of the town, Pierfranco Midali, knows this. So hes going to try and realize an incredible, if crazy, dream - to revive Viganella by building a giant mirror on the mountain behind the village to reflect sunlight into the town square.

From November through to February, the town of Viganella is in permanent gloom. The mountains to the south block the low winter sun and for almost three months, there is no place in Viganella that gets any sunlight. Pierfranco is going to change this.